Compared to other offshore jurisdictions, incorporating in Labuan needs fewer documents. Roughly comparable to opening a bank account. You can find a tentative list below. Depending on your specific situation, additional documents may be needed. Passport (to be certified true copy by Commissioner of Oath, Notary Public or Embassy) Utility Bill to proof home resident (to be certified true copy by Commissioner of Oath, Notary…More

Clients often ask us about the total cost of incorporating and running a Labuan company. This post summarizes the main expenses. Compared to other international offshore centers, the cost in Labuan is quite reasonable. Cost of New Incorporation depends on the type of company you intend to set up and the amount of the paid up capital.  The type of company for example can be…More

The process and time frame for the new Labuan Incorporation & Bank Account are as follows: 1. Name Reservation – 2 days 2. Incorporation Company – 3 days 3. Apply Letter of Information for Bank Account Opening – 1 week 4. Client come to Labuan for Bank Account Specimen & Interview – 1 Day 5. Bank Account open – 3 weeks 6. Bank token for…More