FAQ Setting up of Labuan Companies

I am a Malaysian. Can I incorporate a Labuan Company?
Yes Malaysian and NON Malaysian can incorporate Labuan Company. Please email us for enquiry.
Do I need to be physically present in Labuan to incorporate the Labuan Company?
Not necessary.
How long will it take to register a Labuan Company?
3 working days upon receiving your full documentation
Can I use Labuan Company to conduct business with Malaysians Resident?
In general, you can only use Labuan Company to conduct business with Non Malaysians Resident.
How to Register a Labuan Company?
CS Trust will do your registration. Please email us for more information.
Do I need to inform Labuan FSA when I register a Labuan Company?
No. CS Trust will assist you in incorporating the Labuan Company for start to end.

FAQ on Incorporation of Labuan Company

Can Labuan Offshore Company Transact in Ringgit Malaysia?
Labuan Offshore Company are generally not permitted to carry out transactions in Malaysian Ringgit, except for defraying administrative expenses, and making permitted investments in Malaysian securities. However, certain licensed entities are permitted to deal in Ringgit subject to their licence conditions
What are the minimum Director and Shareholder requirements for a Labuan Company?
One director who can either be an individual or a corporate entity and One shareholder who can either be an individual or a corporate entity
Can Labuan Trust Company provide nominee director and nominee shareholder services?
Yes for a fee.
Can the director and shareholder be of the same person?
Will the information of the Labuan Company, its Directors and Shareholders be published or made available to other party?
No, all details will be strictly kept confidential by CS Trust. Information are not made avail to the public.
What is the minimum capital requirement for Labuan Company?
USD1.00 for non licensed entity. For license entity the capital requirements depends on the type of licensed applied.

FAQ Labuan Company Tax

What is the tax rate for Labuan Offshore Company?
1) For trading activities the Labuan Offshore Company may elect to pay tax at 3% of audited net profits or a fixed amount of MYR20,000 whichever is lower
2) For non-trading activities there is no tax

FAQ Labuan Company Accounting and Audits

Is it possible to open Bank Account for Labuan Company in Labuan?
Yes, CS Trust can assist you.
Do Labuan Offshore Company need to file Annual Return?
Yes. Annual returns must be filed not later than 30 days prior to the anniversary of the date of incorporation.
Must financial statements of Labuan Company be audited?
1) Not necessary for non licensed entities unless the non licensed entity elect to pay 3% tax
2) For licensed entity it is required by law for the financial statement to be audited.